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“Quality is the best business plan.” In 1978, Alfra Steel Industrial Incorporated was established in the construction industry. The company is a manufacturing company specializing in BI Round Tubing and BI Square Tubes. The following year marked the unveiling of the new products namely NIKON EMT (Electric Metallic Tubing) and NICHI IMC (Intermediate Metallic Conduit). The company also brought in Conduit Elbow, GI Nipple, and Electrical Fittings to its current core items. Through the years, team Alfra Steel strives to hold true to its promise to provide the best quality and reliable steel products at an affordable price. NIKON EMT and NICHI IMC are the most sought conduit pipes in the market for its guarantee of providing 100% safety for every infrastructure. Nearly four decades in the industry, Alfra Steel boasts as one of the most trusted manufacturer of steel pipes in the Philippines. It is the choice of contractors, architects, industrial users and electrical engineers, because of its quality service and competitive pricing. Today, we look at the industry with the boldness of the new generation yet still carrying almost over 40 years of personalized customer service heritage.

Alfra Steel strives to produce excellence and continue to improve thru product research and advancement of technology. The team is committed to bring safety as the topmost priority to every infrastructure established. The company also strives to provide steel products for almost 40 years with the finest quality being offered at very cost-effective prices, leaving satisfied and trusted customers.

From small houses to skyscrapers, Alfra Steel aims to be the best steel pipes and electrical pipes supplier in the Philippines. Hence, the company will continue

The company sincerely upholds the calling of the Philippine industries for quality products, fair trading, and excellent service to fellow citizens by:
Providing our valued client a fire-free infrastructure / establishment

• Dedicating ourselves to technological advancement to innovate new products
• Cooperating with local government, business, and industry to use environment-friendly materials
• Offering our Nation the best and the safest electrical steel conduit pipes

Alfra Steel Industrial Incorporated your one-stop-shop for your electrical conduit needs.

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